156*365 cloud reflection

Fortunately a little bit of sunshine today! With beautiful Dutch clouds coming along… This picture I took at the “Halve Zolenpad’ ( which means as much as half soles path… pretty funny name eh? )Β in Waalwijk.

cloud reflection

cloud reflection


38 thoughts on “156*365 cloud reflection

  1. Victoriajudy must live near my neck of the woods. Today we’re going through a cold spell. 88 degrees for a high. And blue skies. The β€œHalve Zolenpad” looks like I place I would enjoy!

  2. A fantastic reflection… now I would have tried to get the cloud in as well and that would have spoilt the end picture… well done the eye of a professional…

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today. You have some absolutely gorgeous shots — WOW re: the “perfect ripples” a few posts back! It’s nice to meet another photographer who loves water.

    • thanks for your visit and great compliment as well Kim.. and it must be great to live near such a beautiful lake! I understand your love for water!!! Nice meeting you!

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