This page I did not really know what I should do with it, so I made ​​a guestbook.

I would really appreciate if you leave a message here. Feel free to just say ‘hi’ …

With love Joanna


78 thoughts on “guestbook

  1. Hi Joanna – Thanks for dropping by my humble blog and I hope you enjoyed your visit! This is a really attractive layout you have and I am just about to have a look at your posts! I am relatively new to this game as well, having just started in September! It is great fun though and nice to meet and get to know other people from all over the world!

    Take care!


    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the effort to take a look at my just-started blog! I really appreciate it. I’m honoured that another photographer likes my posts and -more importantly- my pictures.

  2. Hoi Hanny,
    Heel leuk om dit allemaal te bekijken. Wat een hele mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt.
    Vooral met het water op de blauwe stenen. Ik zit niet op facebook etc dus ik probeer af en toe op je site te volgen. Ga zo door.
    Op een kleurrijk 2012…..Groetjes Ina

  3. Good luck on your project! When you get stuck on ideas, its good to come up with weekly or monthly themes to help you through the year. Looking forward to following your photography.
    Palos Verdes, CA, USA

    • Thank you so much Matt! for now I have still so many ideas…thinking 365 days won’t be enough 🙂
      Thanks for the tip anyway! And I’m really honored that you will follow me. Honestly it surprises me how many people are interested…

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Everything about your site is beautiful! Focusing on water is inspired and you are very creative in fulfilling that assignment. I look forward to future posts. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Stephen… and be as creative as you can, and for what I’ve read you are so much more creative in words. So… Everybody his or her own talent… just explore it!
      thank you for stopping by

  5. Hi Joanna. I’m glad to have happened upon your blog. I enjoy the charisma you put into your project and look forward to what each day brings. I’m no blogger for “words,” but suffice it to say that you help to solidify my own true loves (earth, soil, water, kids) with every post. Keep it up!

  6. hi Joanna, you have a delightful blog here. very creative and unique indeed. keeps me coming back to see what you will come up with next. i appriciate what you do here with all the work that is involved in getting an h2o image every day.. ; )

    • Thanx Dianne, sometimes I just don’t know what to say anymore… all those kind people telling me how unique, creative, beautiful etc my blog is… And I only started this to kind of ‘force’ myself to actually do something with my new camera and just added a theme to it. Never in my wildest dreams I could dream it would go this way… within twoandabit month over 7200 hits… 180 people following me… it really blows me away!!!

  7. Joanna,
    Thanks for stopping by my very new blog. I just migrated from Blogger so I have a lot of updating/uploading to do. I love your ongoing 365 series. As someone who tried to complete one I understand the challenge and determination one needs to maintain such a worth while endeavor. I look forward in keeping up to date with your progress.

    Thank you and keep shooting.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment and visit… Love the things I saw on your blog. Keep up the good work! May I ask why you migrated from Blogger to this place?
      I was considering Blogger as well and actually picked WordPress ’cause’ it felt better and as I do lots of thing just intuitive… that was my decision.
      Thanks again!

      • Joanna,
        Blogger was fine but I felt that the overall look and experience on WordPress is better. One thing that I do miss is the Fotomoto integration within WordPress; it was easy with Blogger. I’m sure there is a way to integrate one of the many online sellers to WP. One thing that I have notice is there is more interaction with other bloggers on WB instead of Blogger. I’ve just been on it a couple of day’s and the views and like’s have been steady. I’m hoping for more comments but I’m hoping that will happen naturally as other bloggers get used to me and my site.

        Have a fantastic weekend Joanna and thanks for stopping by.

        • Thanks for your reply and have a great weekend yourself as well! and believe me…the comments will come… I had no idea! I am only here for a bit more than two months…incredible what happened in this short amount of time with more than 180 followers already… 🙂

          • That’s awesome. I was on Blogger for about 6 months and getting people to interact was like pulling teeth but in fairness I’m horrible at marketing myself Joanna. I think the day’s of one’s work doing all of the talking are over, especially considering there are so many talented people out there.

  8. I did think that 365 water based pictures would be hard or boring. I’m so glad I have followed you as its neither. So unique, I really enjoy the posts. You clearly have a great imagination & excellent composition. You could make a great book out of this. 🙂

    • Wow, thanks John, to be honest… I had no idea where this adventure would lead me, but I just thought I’d give it a shot. And so far… so good… and I have still so many ideas, so I really think it will work out quite right this year 😀

  9. I’m not even sure how I got here but, having found you has certainly made my day. Trying to do a 365 project is daunting enough but you have the gall to sgi k to one common theme? This is going to be interesting, following you!

    • I don’t know how you got here either, but I glad you did! Nice meeting you here Paul and I appreciate the visit and the follow.
      I love a challenge…therefore I choose a theme on my 365 project… and where it will lead me? I have no idea…time will tell 😀

  10. just dropping by to say thank you for checking out my very new blog! hope you liked it!! Your blog is so inspiring!! 🙂 following it now!!

  11. Hey there!
    Thanks for taking a gander at my newborn blog 🙂
    I love that you chose a specific theme for your 365 project, and I love that you challenged yourself by choosing water. I mean, sure there are endless possibilities, but you have to think of them first!

    • thank you so much for your kind comment! I love having a theme…it gives me the red line I need, otherwise I really don’t know what to photograph, because I love it all!!

  12. You have continually captured the everyday moments and ordinary things that make life unforgettable; through a craft that is not easily mastered; your work traverses Fine Art with Still Life and Abstraction as your mainstays. I love the variety and endless possibilities of what photography can produce. Great work Joanna. I enjoy all your updates.
    Sincerely ~~Todd

  13. Hi,

    What a spectacular idea to have a guest book. I’m a writer, I dabble in photography, drawing, and a few other mediums. I have a blog – but I’m a terrible blogger. Somehow I can’t seem to follow the rules of frequency, same time of day and whatnot – I decided to just do what feels right to me.

    Heh – it occurs to me that you didn’t ask for all this info in your guest book, but here it is 🙂

    I look forward viewing more of your pictures – you have a wonderful eye and I love the abstract nature of much of your work. The way you’ve captured every day moments is truly inspiring.

    I’ve begun my own creative journey which includes drawing, making paper, and a few lucky photographs.

    Cheers and thanks for sharing


  14. Just stopping in to say i absolutely love your work. I am an aspiring photographer myself and find your work very inspiring. Beautiful pictures and just another level of creativity that keeps me coming back to your blog, almost in anticipation, of what you are fixin to draw up next. Well, Ciao!

  15. Hi Joanne. I just wanted to say you are an amazing photographer! I normally view your posts via my iPhone… But today I was logged into my PC and was blown away by today’s photo! Keep posting your amazing photos as they so inspirational.

  16. Hee Hanny, prachtige foto’s, sommige raken je meer dan andere en wat ik grappig vond: Ik heb ze niet in chronologische volgorde gezien waardoor jouw eerste foto de laatste was die ik zag en ik vond deze echt SUPERGAAF! Ik houdt je in de gaten!

    • dankjewel Jolande… gaaf dat je de moeite hebt genomen ze allemaal te bekijken! en dat ze je niet alle 600 raken… tsja dan zou ik wel een supersonische fotograaf zijn haha… maar dat heb ik zelf ook hoor en eerlijk is eerlijk ik heb ook echt wel dagen dat ik ‘even snel’ zorg dat ik een foto heb. Soms pakt dat heel goed uit en soms is het niet zo veel bijzonders in mijn ogen… ik vind het ondanks dat nog steeds superleuk om te doen en ga we dan ook lekker mee door… xx

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