45 thoughts on “new logo, love to hear what you think…

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it….. and yes please on the link as well… can’t wait to see the new site.

  2. Very nice.. perhaps some colour to brighten it up a bit…. look forward to seeing the completed site? Where are you hosting it?

    • Thanks Sayvan, I’m not sure about colors, will try it though…can still play around with it…till it’s final 😉 have to work on my site so pls be patient with me. I’m hosting it with a Dutch company you’ve probably never heard of 😉

  3. Looks like a real winner. Have you tried to add some color to the camera and wings? The “C” in the lens is pretty neat! Does the “C” mean Canon or Copyright. I wasn’t sure.

    • Thank you Kevin…haven’t tried color but I’m already pretty convinced that the color won’t add that much to me…will try it anyway!! the C means copyright but maybe Canon as well.. haven’t thought about it that way…well seen 😀

  4. As remarked so manny times above… great logo! My first thought was to add a little color, but I’m not so sure. Perhaps just one color for ‘Jaonna’. The camera with the wings is great, but it looks like a modern canon which might not be modern in a few years. Perhaps beter use a classic camera or even better an abstract view of a modern camera.

    • Thanks Arno, that is a great advice you gave me here…about the camera…didn’t think about that… I can also change the camera as soon as I have a new one haha.
      But I will absolutely consider this in my final logo!

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