1230 yesterday’s walk

Yesterday I walked with a friend around the ‘Piushaven”in Tilburg. The weather wasn’t fantastic, but at least it didn’t rain 😉

This is a picture from the Piushaven itself:



And this is a “blauwsloot’: It used to be an open sewer for waste water from the textile industry, the ‘blauw’ (=blue) refers to the discoloration of the water by the textile dyes…



139*365 ‘bodemven’

As we had a fantastic sunny Spring day today, I went out to go to the ‘Bodemven’in Tilburg…this is a protected little lake in a beautiful nature area…

Unfortunately I couldn’t come real close to the water but to give you an impression of the beauty…here’s my picture of the day:

'bodemven Tilburg'

‘bodemven Tilburg’

96*365 floor fountain

This afternoon we went to Tilburg and the municipality has made a floor fountain there on on a lively square full of terraces. Obviously I could not just pass.

floor fountain

floor fountain

I love the patterns in the water and am curious what you see in the splashes, I have some ideas of my own 😉