Update March 1st 2018


little angel in Cadzand

I had made it until I’ve reached 1218 pictures, posted each and every day. After that I’ve done almost nothing on this blog; lack of time and a lot of personal stuff. Anyway, from today on I will continue my H2O-project. I won’t be posting on a daily basis any more, but I will still post my photo’s with water here and we’ll see how far I will come…                         I really hope you continue to enjoy my pictures.                                                                                       with love Joanna

Note: this picture of my little angel I made last year in CadzandBad!


something else…

I still haven’t stopped photographing, stopped posting though…

I hope in time I will post here some photos too, but for now I have found another love of mine: drawing. I’ve started another 365 project with a small drawing (10×10 cm) every day for the entire year of 2017.

For those who are interested you may follow me on Joanna de Koning (my official maiden name).

You are more than welcome to take a look 🙂

With love Joanna