485*500 Queen’s Day… a new King!

A special day today for the Netherlands. Our dear Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne and our new King Willem-Alexander was admitted to his new position. As our country is orange on days like this, my shot is of course orange as well.

besides that I made a compilation of the ceremony in PS, the photos may not be that great considering I  captured them from the television 😀 (and…fair is fair… the shot of the new coin and the one left on top I stealed from google 😉  )




a new King

a new King


2 thoughts on “485*500 Queen’s Day… a new King!

  1. I was really excited to find out Queens Day was the first full day we were in Amsterdam!! Planned it completely by accident and couldn’t have been more excited about it 🙂 your shot of the orange flower is gorgeous!

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