462*500 sprinklers

Today we finally enjoyed the SUN!!! yiehaaaa!!!… and I saw this sprinkler in someones yard and I thought why??? we had sun for two days already haha…..

Anyway the sun was playing with the water…. I’m not sure it shows on this shot…but in reality is was fun to watch… (made with my iPhone by the way)




4 thoughts on “462*500 sprinklers

  1. I have to agree with you about the absurdity of sprinklers after only two days of sun. I saw someone doing exactly the same thing here in Vancouver too. It wasn’t as if it had been baking during the day either. Some people………….
    Great shot by the way. I love the effect that the fine mist has in the sunlight.

    • looks like…still way way too cold though… next week will be better as they say. You have still snow…wow…I am so glad we don’t have that any more, not in this time of year 😀

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