445*500 holocaust monument Budapest

Another Budapest shot, actually two… this monument I found so impressive…it made me very quiet for a while and looking at the photo’s… I am quiet again. This is a monument to remember all the Jews who died in World War II.  A total least 5.000 Jewish inhabitants of Budapest were murdered coldblooded by putting them at the edge of the Danube where they were shot. This saved the burial of all the corpses. On 16 April 2005, in memory of this horror, an impressive monument was unveiled. Sculptor Gyula Pauer’s work consists of 60 pairs of shoes in cast iron, a reference to the shoes of some of the victims. The victims were ordered to put off their shoes before they were shot and fell into the Danube, because these were expensive…

I just had to share this….

Holocaust Monument Budapest

Holocaust Monument Budapest

Holocaust monument Budapest detail

Holocaust monument Budapest detail



10 thoughts on “445*500 holocaust monument Budapest

  1. Actually, more than 700 000 Hungarian people died in the Holocaust, about 200 000 of them were Hungarians that lived outside the border as an ethnical minority in Slowakia or in Romania. Hungary had once the fourth biggest Jewish community in Europe. 5000 is the number of Hungarian people that survived the Holocaust.

    • thanks for your info… I honostly didn’t know… I’ve searched for some information about the monument and this is what I’ve found… thank you so much for updating my info… it’s highly appreciated!

  2. What a strong and meaningful monument. I can see why it made you quiet. I had a similar feeling when i visited the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

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