379*500 what is this???

Late this afternoon it started to snow and I took a photo from a nice bikingroad in Tilburg…nothing special you should say… I thought so too untill I saw the pic on my computer and I saw something really strange on it.

I showed my husband and daughters and no one could tell, several options came along from ghosts to a simple strange light… maybe you can help me out here…

And this is 100% the original shot…no photoshop or whatsoever, the only thing I did was cropping it a bit.

I am very curious what you think of it

what is this??

what is this??


8 thoughts on “379*500 what is this???

  1. You were very lucky to have escaped with your life!! That is the dreaded . . . .

    . . . no, wait.

    OK, presuming you did not see it at the time of the picture (or you would know what it is), the most likely explanation is a lens reflection/flare. If it was wet out (snow, rain, condensation), it could have been something right in front or on the lens (water drop? that would be ironic, but you would likely see the dried residue if it was on the lens) that caught the light from a source to the side (headlights of a car turning?).

    Of course, as humans we are predisposed to believe it’s a sign of something or other, or this or that entity trying to impart upon us the wisdom of the ancients, or future generations, or of visiting alien.

    Those so disposed will not take the simple explanation to heart, and will gravitate to whatever pet belief they hold.

    Me? It’s a lighting artifact. It looks strange, but then so do many people, and I have no trouble believing them to be flakes.

  2. What disperser said. My first thought was some kind of lens flare, but it could be something moving quickly in front of your lens. It’s hard to know what it is, maybe a snowflake or a bug that caught the light just right. It appears to be moving since you can see a bit of trail on it.

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