250*365 droplet from the tap

I turned on the tap… had to make sure it wasn’t running too fast and shot this… I love it…don’t know what you think?

droplet from the tap

droplet from the tap


22 thoughts on “250*365 droplet from the tap

  1. Fascinating.. Freaking amazing! I know it’s water but with my active imagination I am thinking of a unidentified object on its way to entering earth’s atmosphere.. Love this. Can’t wait to see all of the rest of your photos that I have recently missed.

  2. I mean seriously this is something to be tremendously proud off. I can imagine this hanging at the Smithsonian institute here in Washington DC as one of their best of year photo exhibits. Really makes me want to spend time examining this photo. I would hang this any where in my house. 🙂

  3. I’ve just gone and looked at our water stream from the kitchen tap, you are truly amazing with your photos…this looks so like a stream of blown glass, delicate and beautiful..

  4. Very nice. It looks like you used very shallow depth of field. Have you tried experimenting with stopping down the aperture a bit for a bit more DoF? You’d likely have to adjust your ISO to allow for the fast shutter speed to capture the drop though…Such a balancing act it is to get things tack sharp, especially moving water!

  5. It makes me wish that it was an elegant glass set of earrings…they would be SOLD!…I would buy them in a heartbeat…very, very beautiful little SIsl 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Oooooohh! Well, I’m not sure what the term is…I think that’s close..they call it glass blowing…wouldn’t that be AWESOME?????? Your new career!! I would buy the things that you make…I just ADORE glass objects :)….I am not kidding about the career by the way…or have a glass blower MAKE copies of things like these!! I would buy them, if not for earrings..then for Christmas tree ornaments…I have a huge collection…

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