246*365 dragonfly above a ditch

Lucky me…to be able to shoot this dragonfly! He (or she?) was so kind to pose for me as long as it took me to make this photo =D

And you may wonder where the H2O is? I know it’s hard to see, but the dragonfly sat on a leave which was just above a ditch…the ditch was filled with duckweed making it difficult to see the water… you will have to take me at my word…

dragonfly above a ditch

dragonfly above a ditch


9 thoughts on “246*365 dragonfly above a ditch

  1. I absolutely adore looking at your pictures… some of them are mesmerizing … like this one. πŸ™‚ I am horribly amateur at photography although not easily impressed (especially since my targets are generally moving at high speed! lol) but I am always fascinated by your pictures… so nifty!!

    • wow thank you so much I still feel a bit overwhelmed when people are this excited about my work! And believe it or not… I am an amateur still myself… have to learn so much more about my camera…. =D

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