236*365 what were they thinking???

Today already 236 days ahead…only 100 to go… what a year this is…

This evening we had a drink with my former colleagues at the beautiful farm of the parents of my former bosses.
Suddenly we saw the immensely grand staircase to a mini birdhouse … it looked so ridiculous … I just had to photograph …
They briefly turned on the garden sprinkler  for me so there should be water on the picture … otherwise I could not place it on my blog …

what were they thinking???

what were they thinking???



10 thoughts on “236*365 what were they thinking???

  1. One of my neighbors has a little staircase like the one in your picture, only in miniature – about 3 ft high, 4 or 5 inches wide – leading up to a container with peanuts. For squirrels.

  2. 100 to go? Seems like I just went through this with someone else .. .

    365 – 100 = 265
    236 + 100 = 336

    You guys are just checking to see if I’m paying attention, right?

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