231*365 my apologies and post of the day

At first I want to apologize to all of you for not ‘being around’ for so long, not answering to your comments and not commenting or liking on any of your blogs at all. I simply couldn’t find the energy to do so… I will try to catch up on all of you in the next couple of weeks…but I know upfront it will take me an awful lot of time…so please be patient with me! There’s just a lot of things going on in my life right now… to start with me loosing my job and not exactly having the opportunity to go back to work really soon…simply  ’cause there are not so many jobs available for about 20 hours a week. I will and can’t work much more because I also have the chronicle fatigue syndrom… quite simple: I am ALWAYS tired. Not to complain… but to let you all know why I don’t always have the energy to sit behind my computer or laptop. Second of all my mother went into the hospital with some heartproblems. Fortunately nothing TOO serious but still. She’s got a pacemaker now and everything is heading in the right direction. Then we went on a holiday trip to Zeeland which you’ve seen on my blog and a two-day trip to Antwerpen from which we returned yesterday. Tomorrow my husband and daughters will go back to school after about 7 weeks holidays so than I will have some more time to myself and I will try to catch up with you all!!! Thank you already for your ongoing support and kind comments…I HIGHLY appreciate it all!!!!

with love ~Joanna~

My photo for today is a drop of water in which I tried to reflect a smiley from a postcard we received…I thought it came out pretty cool!

'water' smiley

‘water’ smiley






18 thoughts on “231*365 my apologies and post of the day

  1. I completely understand. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your job. My mother in law and a friend of ours also have chronic fatigue syndrom , so I know a little of what it’slike. Don’t feel like you have to go through several weeks of posts to catch up. Just be back when you feel like it. Sorry to hear about your mother being ill too. I’m glad to hear she’s fine now. The shot is as always fantastic! 🙂 Lots of thoughts and love from me. 🙂

  2. Same here. I’m (relatively) healthy and am so far behind that all I can say is “chill”. Do not fret. Do not attempt to reply to, respond to , or like any of the numerous comments you received prior to today. Do not pass Go. We are here. We will still be here when you get your energy back. A few years ago (11, actually) I lived with a woman who has Chronic Fatigue. So don’t worry about me.

  3. I’m sure we don’t blog for comments and replies… we blog for fun and a comment or like or reply is nice but not compulsory…. I do this for fun and when I can’t due to circumstances then I can’t and don’t feel guilty… so please you be the same….CFS is in anyway a good enough excuse… I have a family member that has suffered from it for years… and lives his life around it… don’t sweat, don’t fret, take a photo and post it, so we can see your intriguing work… is all I ask… a happy smile through a water droplet… only you can think something like that.. and capture such a good photo… I follow you for this, not for comments and likes…

  4. ..it is your natural talent for fabulous photography that brings me here, I am not in your league, commenting was difficult at first but worth the momentary angst for I just LOVE seeing what you do next…after reading your post then seeing the smiley through one of your beloved water drops made me smile…nor did it surprize me…from following your blog I think you’ve been blessed with a postive nature~rolling with the lows and dancing with highs~

  5. Sometimes life just takes over, and we can’t be everywhere. Know exactly what you mean and wish you and your mother very best wishes. Hope that you will find the job you want soon, but please don’t worry yourself about not doing the blog when you’re so tired. Just do what you can, and enjoy it. Lovely photos always.

  6. No apologies required! This blog is not life! I enjoy your posts, dont get me wrong, but I’ll survive w/o them, if just barely 😉

  7. Love the smiley face. Please take as much time as you need. We all love your blog and we all can’t reply to everyone all of the time. Take care of your mother and your family and be kinder to yourself!

  8. Joanna, as you’ve told me once before, we’ll be here whenever you can come back: you just take care of you and take your time! Best wishes to you and your family. I hope your mother is on the mend, and that you have the best of luck as you search for a job.

  9. Oh my goodness, Joanna! Your delightful interpretations of the various personalities of water hide the difficulties you’ve experienced. Keep the camera in hand … let it help you through the hard times. Your work is inspiring. Let it inspire you.

  10. HI Joanna, don’t worry about the replies or likes, look after number one. Thats you. You’ll be better able to look after the family & get back to enjoying your photos. You take care & I look forward to more of your wonderful work. John 🙂

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