124*365 dare to be different…

… because you have every right to be…

dare to be different

dare to be different

I wish the Jewish people in World War II had that right too. Unfortunately there was a man who thought otherwise…

In the Netherlands, on May 4, it is annual National Memorial Day. During National Remembrance it commemorates all – civilians and military – in the Netherlands or anywhere in the world who have died since the outbreak of World War II (one point of departure May 10, 1940), in war and in peacekeeping operations.
Until 1961, the memorial relates only to the Dutch victims of World War II. From 1961 on 4 May we also remember all fallen during other military conflicts (such as the police actions in the Dutch East Indies) and peacekeeping (as in Lebanon, Bosnia or Afghanistan).

To me this picture symbolizes that EVERY person has the RIGHT to be ’different’…no matter what… JUST BE PROUD TO BE YOU!


42 thoughts on “124*365 dare to be different…

  1. I commend your text message very much Joanna! I have my reservations about doing free ads to water companies.

  2. Joanna, such a lovely sentiment and important historical experiences to remember. There is nothing more human than to visit Dachau or a WWII cemetary and truly feel the weight of that awful experience. If everyone had that chance, it would be even more likely that we would stop repeating our past mistakes.

  3. Love it! I didn’t know you could relate water bottles to Jews in Nazi Germany but it works! (and in case any one takes offense, I don’t and I’m Jewish!)

  4. I was watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation last night. It’s not like I’ve never seen it. I’ve seen each episode dozens of times, but I always find something new.

    Data, an android, is researching culture and is discouraged because he doesn’t have a culture. Captain Picard told him (loosely quoted): “You are a culture of one, just as valuable as a culture of a million.”

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