118*365 splash… first attempt

I’ve seen shots like this all over the internet so I know it is not original… just wanted to try myself and I am pretty happy with the result.

splash...first attempt

splash...first attempt

Of course I know it’s not the best shot ever and there is still a lot of improvement, but I still wanted to show my first attempt… and in case you are curious: it took me about 25 shots to get this one…

70 thoughts on “118*365 splash… first attempt

  1. Nice result! I’m interested to know the setup you used to get this shot (as I’m sure many of the other inspired commenters are!)

  2. I tried this once before and it was an overwhelming failure. Haven’t been brave enough to try again… so I’m impressed.

    • thanks Nikhil… and about the first attempts… I do some ‘homework’ before I try… google how to do… ask friends… so I am not completely ‘blank’ going into the process.

      • Joanna, if you don’t mind, could you write a post about that very process and how you research or go about setting up the equipment for a shot like this? A bit of technical info too maybe. It’ll do wonders for fellow photographers / bloggers, me included, who have this shot in their minds but have not been able to replicate it on canvas yet.

  3. You should be very happy with the results.. I can’t speak for everyone else but I know that your photographs are an inspiration to me.. Thanks for sharing and I enjoy seeing your attempts and trying something new..

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  5. This is awesome. I tried something like this and I actually started cracking up at myself because there I was just dropping I think it was an olive into this glass of water like 100 times. Mine never came out as well as your did here. Great job. šŸ˜€

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