66*365 windmill in the rain

Another rainy, rainy day in Holland, I thought it to be appropriate to share a typical Dutch photo with you.. a windmill in the rain. I shot this one from out of my car, windows closed so you can still see the raindrops.

windmill in the rain

windmill in the rain

21 thoughts on “66*365 windmill in the rain

    • Thanks Sandy for the compliment. The mill is no longer used the way it should be originally… they made a beautiful restaurant in it with excellent food, so I’ve been told… never been there myself!

  1. I love that the windmill is clear even though the rest of the view is covered in raindrops from your car.

  2. I loved too dear Joanna, the raindrops add a nice image to this photograph… I know how amazing windmills in your country and how nice you keep them… I love windmills. Thank you, you did a nice photograph. With my love, nia

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