41*365 snowy nose of a Shetlander

on my walk today I saw a couple of Shetlanders in the snow. I took a few pictures as I saw the little snowflakes on one of the ponies noses.

I thought it funny enough to post it today, what do you think?

snowy nose

snowy nose

28 thoughts on “41*365 snowy nose of a Shetlander

  1. Enter-rest-thing. There is no way my eyes are tuned to focus on that much detail. The thought of taking a shot like this will fly past my brain in to the pure nothingness. You have a good eye for details. I suggest you go all out super macro to harness your full potential.

    • Thanks Yemi, I absolutely do like macro, but as I don’t have a macro-lens yet, I will still shoot anything that comes in mind and/or eye as long as it’s connected with/ or simply is water…

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